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Silvercloud Breeze

Grow Loans, Revenue and Deposits. Unburden Your Call Center. Control Costs.

SilverCloud Breeze is a sales and service application that integrates across your mobile, Internet and digital banking channels. By proactively answering customer questions through self-help technology and offering related information based on each customers behavior and anticipated needs, Breeze provides a highly intelligent digital buying experience.

With SilverCloud Breeze, financial institutions can expect:

  • Increased loan growth above the national average
  • Digital 24/7 customer self-service
  • A 20% improvement in call center efficiency
  • A robust centralized tool for complaint and case management
  • Increased share of wallet and new business
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Silvercloud Compass Demo

Silvercloud Compass


Empower Your Employees. Improve Customer Response Time.

SilverCloud Compass gives your customer service representatives immediate online access to the information they need to quickly and effectively answer every customer call without having to search tirelessly for the information or rely on an internal support desk. As a result, employee confidence and morale increases, customer response times improve and costs are contained.

With SilverCloud Compass, financial institutions can expect:

  • Answers customer questions instantly and accurately 99% of the time
  • Ensure consistent, up-to-date, information is always available to your staff when and where they need it
  • Free up your “go to people” from redundant questions
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175+ banks, credit unions and lenders are already using SilverCloud to provide customers and members with immediate answers to their questions.

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