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As we collectively navigate the realities of COVID-19, communication and self-service are more important than ever. The need for banks and credit unions to deliver digital service & support has never been greater. And Chatbots are the channel banking consumers want to use. We’ve seen a 100% increase in usage of our Chatbot since COVID-19 started and its only increasing. SilverCloud has the only smart Banking Chatbot that can be quickly deployed so you start can delivering the service & support your customers need now.

Launch in weeks with a fully custom knowledge that answers hundreds of questions from day!
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SilverCloud is the only banking-specific chatbot that comes with a fully loaded knowledgebase so you can launch quickly. Customized to your financial institution, it comes with product, technology and support content to answer the hundreds of unique questions your customers are asking.

  • We develop all of the content based on the questions banking customers are asking
  • Go lives in weeks vs. months and years like other vendors
  • A.I. powered with over 15 million annual queries so it knows how banking customers search

“We implemented SilverCloud at the end of 2019. It was an excellent self-service tool immediately. However, it has proven to be exponentially more important through the COVID-19 Pandemic. So glad we were already up and running. The team at SilverCloud helps us constantly improve. We are updating often which is improving our MX continuously.”
-Laura Pryor, American 1 Credit Union

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“With SilverCloud's Consumer Support's mobile and web-based solutions, we measured an immediate reduction in the amount of technology related calls (64%) and have seen call center volumes decrease by more than 20%. Read the Success Story
Jason Woods,Vice President, Manager of Interactive Services
Bank of Oak Ridge
Learn how SilverCloud's Banking Chatbot delivers 24/7 automated support so you can improve the customer experience, reduce contact center volumes and increase product engagement.

Banking Chatbot

Deploy your SilverCloud content via Chatbot. Display top questions, let customers ask questions, and build custom guided conversations that guide your customers through complex scenarios, such as password reset or accounting opening.

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Mobile Banking Integration

Deliver support to the channel your consumers use the most. Alleviate the abundance of Tier 1 support questions flooding your contact center and drive deeper product engagement from your mobile banking.

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Customer Support Content

Not only do we create and implement your support content, we optimize it by following industry best practices at implementation and providing ongoing updates and enhancements so your support answers are always getting better.

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Centrally Manage & Deploy

Remove the silos from your support content by centrally managing all of your support content in one spot. Our banking specific knowledge management tools include content approval processes & workflows, audit history and detailed reporting.

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