The Smartbot Built for Banking

Automate customer service & customer experiences with SilverCloud’s smart chatbot.

Deploys Quickly, Works Instantly

The SilverCloud chatbot deploys quickly with a full knowledge base of banking questions and intents that we create, so you can launch quickly and start answering questions from Day 1! Other bots force you to create your own content and intents, which slows down how quickly you can launch and takes months of effort to become even somewhat effective. 

"Selecting SilverCloud’s chatbot was a no-brainer!"
Built for Financial Institutions Just Like Yours

Deliver a convenient and consistent self-service experience for your customers whether they are on your website, mobile or online banking.

  • Answer the high-volume support questions
  • Drive higher technology adoption
  • Increase digital leads and conversions
  • Improve the customer experience

Knowledge = Smartbot 

Loaded with hundreds of banking answers that WE create for you so it deploys quickly & works from day 1!

AI = Understanding

The largest banking-specific intent library that WE update weekly so it understands what your customers are asking.

Self-Service = Savings

Front load your live chat with SilverCloud’s Chatbot and deflect 75%+ of your live chats with a self-service tool that answers their questions.

250M+ Questions Answered. 200+ Financial Institutions.
Reduce Call Volumes
Enable digital service & support and watch your contact center's volume drop and customer experience improve.

The average number of words a banking chatbot query starts with.
Is your chatbot smart enough to understand what they are looking for?
Of chatbot questions asked were completely unique.
Do you have a knowledge base of answers to support your customer’s questions?
Of chatbot interactions start with “I need”, “I want”, or “I am”.
Are you able to capitalize on your customer’s intent?
Provide 24/7 Digital Service & Support

AI-Powered Chatbot

Guide your customers with the most robust knowledge base of banking-specific answers and intents.  Display top questions, let customers ask questions, and decision trees that guide your customers through complex scenarios.

Cross-Channel Accessibility

Deliver 24/7 digital service and support across your website, mobile & online banking, social media with just a few simple lines of code.

Live-chat Integration

Front-end your live chat solutions with a chatbot that deflects the high-volume questions, but allows agent intervention when your customers need human assistance.

Centrally Manage

Centrally manage all of your chatbot content in real time. Easily manage, update, and create content with banking-specific knowledge management tools such as content approval processes & workflows, audit history and detailed reporting.