The AI-Powered Chatbot Built for Banking

Automate Your Consumer Support With The SilverCloud Chatbot

Easily deploy and deliver the support and service missing from your digital channels. From simple how-to questions such as reset password, to journeys like open an account, provide your consumers with easy-to-use answers whenever and wherever they are. We’ve taken our years of banking consumer support experience to deliver the only bank-specific, turn-key chatbot that allows you to:

  • AI-powered search with over 15 million annual banking queries so it knows what your customers are asking
  • Support answers that we build so you can start lowering support costs instantly.
  • Guided conversations that pull your consumers through journeys so you can increase product
  • Live chat to provide personalized support for urgent questions
  • No user licenses or usage fees, just a simple flat fee that makes sense.

Live in weeks with a 6-month satisfaction guarantee

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The Banking Chatbot Your Customers Need NOW

As we collectively navigate the realities of COVID-19, the need for banks and credit unions to deliver digital support and service has never been greater. And Chatbot is the channel banking consumers want to use. We’ve seen a 50% increase in usage of our Chatbot since February. SilverCloud is the only banking-specific Chatbot that comes with a fully loaded knowledgebase so you can launch quickly and start delivering the support and service your customers need now.

To help you support your customers in this time of need, we’re offering our Banking Chatbot FREE for 90 Days!

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Do you know what to look for in a
banking chatbot solution?


Learn the difference between the industry hype vs. reality of the 3 components required to successfully deploy a banking chatbot.

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SilverCloud’s Chatbot is built to be live in 30 days and work from day one


Easily deliver the self-service experience that banking consumers demand 


While there are endless vendors touting banking chatbots today, the dirty little secret no one talks about is the REALITY of implementing a successful chatbot. A successful chatbot requires content that not only answer questions, but engages consumers in a journey; leverages a proven process that ensures the experience is constantly improving and bank-grade technology. The SilverCloud Chatbot delivers all 3 without major investments in time, resources or budget.


Content Built For You

Ensure you’re deploying the right support and product content from day one with a team that builds the content for you:

  • The most robust database of banking consumer queries that ensure you’re answering the right questions from day one
  • SilverCloud creates AND continually optimizes all answers and guided conversations based on analytics so it’s constantly getting smarter
  • Easily deployed across mobile & online banking and website to ensure your reaching your consumers where they are

Optimizing For Continued Success

The experience and process that ensures you launch in 30 days and it constantly improves:

  • The industry best practices that ensure you are live in 30 days with a solution that works
  • Data driven recommendations that ensure the chatbot is not only getting smarter, but also helping achieve your institution’s objectives
  • Guaranteed success: If you aren’t satisfied in 6 months we let you out penalty free



The Technology Bankers Need

Banks and credit unions have unique needs that require an industry-specific platform:

  • The bank-grade tools you need to ensure version control, auditing and approval process
  • The AI to ensure your chatbot is easy to use and constantly improving
  • The industry connectors that allow your consumers to continue their journeys from application to application

Chatbot and LivePerson Integration

Chatbots are great at handling high-volume questions and guiding your consumers down high-value journeys. But there will always be a percentage of questions that require human intervention. Consumer’s number one frustration is starting in one channel, being forced to switch channels, and having to start over. With the SilverCloud Chatbot and LivePerson integration, we’re able to provide a frictionless experience that keeps your consumer in the same chatbot interface, while providing your agent the context of what your consumer is looking for.

Live in 30 Days, SilverCloud Satisfaction Guarantee


SilverCloud is trusted by 200+ banks and credit unions

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