Provide live chat in your digital channels

Live Chat Solutions Built for Banking

Your customers expect great support in your digital channels. When the situation demands the personal touch, live chat and video chat give your agents the tools they need to quickly resolve the issue and provide an exceptional customer experience.

The live chat tools bankers need:

  • Pre-scripted answers to commonly asked questions
  • Agent routing
  • Reporting
  • CRM integration
  • Secure desktop & mobile agent workspace
  • Secure co-browsing and file sharing allow live agents to take the reins and help customers navigate complex forms

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Video chat features that deliver personalized service:

  • Remove frustration with a personalized consumer experience while reducing handle times
  • Seamless transfer from messaging to video chat: build a relationship with the consumer your agent is already speaking with
  • Securely identify consumer when verification is needed: resolve personal and security issues quickly
  • Speed up processes with real-time assistance: reduce application processing by 50%

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The Benefits of Using SilverCloud's Chatbots and Live Chat

Deliver a Better Experience

Eliminate consumer’s #1 frustration while providing the high-touch experience your institution prides itself on. 

Increase Product Conversion

Leverage bots and human support to guide your consumers through the decision making process. 


Improve Operational Efficiency

Let the chatbot answer the high-volume questions fooding your contact center today, while freeing your agents up to have a high-value conversations 

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