An Answer for Every Question. Wherever and whenever

Conversations will always be at the center of the customer experience. As digital transforms banking, your customers’ expectations are quickly transforming with it. Meeting and exceeding those expectations require a platform – a platform that provides:

    • the interfaces that connect your customers and employees
    • the intelligence to understand what they need
    • the knowledge to deliver the right answer

Help My Customers                          Help My Employees

Knowledge + Intelligence + Interfaces
SilverCloud's platform delivers the interfaces to connect. The intelligence to understand. The knowledge to answer.

Surround your customers and employees with access through a variety of interfaces including virtual assistants, voice, and search.


Understand what your customers and employees are asking with our Conversational AI engine and Open APIs.


Answer every question with our robust knowledge base and tools that ensure speed, accuracy, and consistency.

We integrate with the key banking platforms quickly and seamlessly
Digital Customer Service

Front end your live chat, video chat, and other digital customer service channels with the SilverCloud Virtual Assistant.

Call Center Solutions

Empower your employees with access to knowledge directly from the contact center solutions they are already working in.


Embed SilverCloud directly into the intranet solutions you already use to make it easier for your employees to access everything in one spot.

An Answer for Every Question. Wherever and whenever
  • 24/7 digital service & support via virtual assistant, search & smart FAQs
  • Answer the high-volume service & support questions
  • Deploy quickly with a custom knowledgebase we build for you
Help My Customers
  • Empower your employees with consistent, reliable information right at their fingertips
  • Create a single source of truth that your employees will use
  • Deploy quickly with a dedicated team that loads, structures, and optimizes your content
Help My Employees