9 Pro Tips
To Make Your Frontline Shine

Discover the leading best practices
used by winning banks and credit unions to improve employee efficiency and deliver a best-in-class consumer experience.

Pro Tip #1: Ensure One Version of the Truth

  • Answers to policies and procedures like “new account opening” are often buried and hard to find for banking employees.
  • This contributes to “tribal knowledge” – an inconsistent set of answers that is created when employees can’t find one source of the truth and default to asking co-workers.
  • This tribal knowledge (where everyone completes a new account opening a slightly different way) results in long handling times, frustrated employees, and an increased likelihood for errors and exceptions.
  • Make policies and procedures easy to find, follow, and use so that there is just one version of the truth at your institution.
  • One version of the truth will increase employee confidence, reduce handle time, improve customer experience, and reduce the occurrence of costly errors and exceptions

Pro Tip #2: Use Specific, Intuitive Titles

  • Document titles are not only important for search, they are important for helping your employees know which policy or procedure to select with confidence.
  • The best practice is to be as specific as possible, while being concise and to the point.
  • For instance, a title like “Debit Cards” is too broad. There could be dozens of related procedures and documents.
  • Instead, use more specific titles like “Ordering a Debit Card,” or “Lost or Stolen Debit Card.”
  • This ensures your employees can easily find what they are looking for while being confident they are selecting the right answer.

Pro Tip #3: Construct Content from the Perspective of the End User

  • When creating procedural content for your frontline, consider why someone might be trying to access that information.
  • Then, compile all the resources they would need in a logical order to either answer that question or complete a task.
  • For example, if an employee needs to fill out a form in conjunction with a procedure, provide the link to that form.
  • Remember: Anytime someone stops reading your content to ask a question, it’s an opportunity for them to pick up the phone to call and ask a manager or another employee. When constructing content, keep in mind you want to answer all the possible questions the end user might have while following a process or procedure.

Pro Tip #4: Prioritize Content

  • Utilize reporting tools like a Popularity or Aging Report  to see what needs your attention the most based on what content is most often accessed and/or what content is the oldest.
  • Prioritize your content by views to see which pieces of content are most frequently used by employees, to ensure it is up to date.

Pro Tip #5: Match Titles to Search Queries

  • When creating content that will be searchable, it’s important to title that content with the user search query in mind.
  • By doing so, the content is more easily accessible which will in turn help to reduce calls from the frontline to the back office.
  • For example, an employee may be searching for “how to open a joint checking account.” Make sure the title of the related document matches that user search query.

Pro Tip #6: Feature a Prominent Search Bar on your Knowledge Base or Intranet

  • One of the best ways to provide instant answers to your employees is to allow them to search for it themselves.
  • Place a prominently displayed search bar throughout your knowledge base or intranet to make search a quick and accessible self-service option.
  • By showing your employees that they can get reliable answers to their questions right away, you will enable a self-service minded approach at your financial institution, and reduce stress on the back office and upper management.

Pro Tip #7: Remove Redundancy

  • As policies, procedures, and product information change, you don’t need to start from scratch to create new content.
  • Instead, update existing content. A good knowledge management system will allow you to make updates across multiple documents and links.
  • The goal is to remove all duplicate content (and stop creating it) to ensure employees can easily find the right answer, prevent them from guessing, and most importantly, to ensure they are following the latest version accurately and efficiently. 

Pro Tip #8: Keep Content Up To Date

  • The best way to ensure your employees are using self-service channels it to ensure they are getting the best answers – those that are easy to find, follow, and use, and that are always up to date.
  • This positive reinforcement helps ensure adoption, which leads to stronger employee confidence, increased productivity, and better serviced banking customers.
  • Use aging reports to find content that hasn’t been updated in awhile, and leverage your content specialists to help with ongoing content updates.
  • Look for a solution provider that provides not just the technology, but the processes and people to help optimize existing policies and procedures. This will help bridge the compliance gap between the back office and frontline.

Pro Tip #9: Categorize Content

  • At SilverCloud we load thousands of pieces of content into bank and credit union systems every day, and they all have one thing in common – categories.
  • Categories make it easy for employees to sort through information to find exactly what they need to complete their job.
  • By utilizing categories and category specific results lists, you can ensure employees can narrow down their search results to just the topics they need, thereby increasing employee efficiency and accuracy. 

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