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7 New Financial Institutions Select SilverCloud

7 New Financial Institutions Select SilverCloud

February 13, 2020, Portsmouth, NH — SilverCloud, Inc., the leading provider of automated support for banks and credit unions, announced seven new financial institutions have selected SilverCloud, including:


Staley Credit Union $148m Deactur, Illinois
Piedmont Advantage Credit Union $356m Winston-Salem, NC
Resource One Credit Union $514m Dallas, Texas
A $1.33b Canadian credit union & it’s subsidiary
A $1.21b northeastern bank  
A $4.06b western credit union


With its Consumer SupportBanking Chatbot, and Employee Support products, SilverCloud delivers the automated support that’s missing from today’s banking experience.  Additionally, five of SilverCloud’s existing customers further deepened their partnership by choosing to leverage additional SilverCloud products and services.

About SilverCloud:

SilverCloud, headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, is a leading provider of support solutions built exclusively for banks and credit unions. Trusted by more than 200 financial institutions, SilverCloud helps banks and credit unions deliver better support to reduce costs and improve experience by automating the creation, management and delivery of knowledge. Easy to implement and maintain, SilverCloud ensures satisfaction and a tangible ROI.

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