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Are your employees graduates of MSU?

Are your employees graduates of MSU?

I’m not talking about Mississippi, Michigan or Missouri State University.

It’s Mark from SilverCloud’s Customer Success team, and I thought I’d share a funny story with you.

Last week, I was on a call with the CEO and COO of a terrific institution. We were discussing the very common challenges they’re having with employees, and the roadblocks they run in to when answering customer questions at the call center and in branches. The most frustrating topic for them was that depending upon who a member asked – or the way in which the employee searched the company intranet – the member would get various, and often wrong, answers to the same question.

In the midst of the conversation, one of the executives stated the problem as, “we have too many people who graduated from MSU…and I’m not talking about a state university. They just Make S**t Up.”

After a good chuckle, we all understood how employees lose confidence and resort to “making S**t up” in an effort to be the “financial expert”. After all, what would you do if you got 3 different answers to the same question while a customer was waiting for your help?

Here are 2 of my top tips for improving these kinds of situations:

  1. Have ONE central depository – there can’t be more than one shared drive & multiple printed versions of the policies and procedures manual. Each shared drive and multiple versions have the ability to take a life of their own and you’ve lost all consistency at that point.
  2. Architect your content to provide ANSWERS VS providing documents. When you provide answers, you break down the policy or procedure in to bite sized chunks that are more useful for your employees & enhance search results.

Thanks for tuning in,