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Arizona Federal: The Secret to 95% Employee Satisfaction

Arizona Federal: The Secret to 95% Employee Satisfaction

How Arizona Federal Credit Union’s Employees get Answers From Their Intranet and Free up Key Go-To People

Arizona Federal Credit Union faced a problem. Employees were not able to access the information they needed quickly or efficiently through their intranet, which meant members seeking help were waiting on hold. Consistency, availability, and accuracy of information was lacking, impacting the bottom line and employee and member satisfaction.

From this success story, you can learn how to:

“Everyone was skeptical we would be able to get the project completed by the 4th quarter. The fact that SilverCloud hit these goals was commendable and surprised all of us. We could never have reached this goal without that partnership.” – Cathy Roelle


Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona Federal Credit Union is a federally chartered, $1.4 billion financial institution serving more than 125,000 members. The Credit Union operates 17 different branch locations which service members throughout the United States.


Following the implementation of SilverCloud’s Employee Knowledge Management, Arizona Federal Credit Union was able to successfully provide employees with immediate and accurate answers and free up key go-to people. As a result, Arizona FCU reported a whopping 95 percent satisfaction rate among employees, with 96 percent of employees reporting easier access to vital information through SilverCloud’s Employee Knowledge Management. Most importantly, 98% of employees refer to the SilverCloud answer platform first, before going to other subject matter experts and managers for help.

The Challenge:

When Arizona Federal Credit Union began a core conversion, the credit union realized that it needed a completely new method for managing the mountain of internal information available to employees. Their existing intranet solution was cumbersome and arduous, especially when navigating policies and procedures.

Another issue Arizona Federal Credit Union was looking to resolve was frustration among employees who were trying to find answers and keep up with changes as a result of a core conversion. Arizona Federal Credit Union was also unable to monitor content being utilized by employees to uncover critical training opportunities.

“The way we were doing things resulted in lost productivity and rising frustration among employees,” said Cathy Roelle, Vice President of Teleservices for Arizona FCU.

The Solution:

Arizona FCU implemented SilverCloud Employee Knowledge Management in July 2015. With the solution, Arizona FCU was able to instantly deliver employees the specific answers they needed while SilverCloud managed the entire process for proper content formatting and the loading process for the credit union.

SilverCloud’s sales and service application, Employee Knowledge Management, seamlessly integrates with financial institutions’ intranet or SharePoint portal to provide customer service representatives with immediate and up-to-date information. The Employee Knowledge Management solution supercharges the financial institutions’ existing intranet by enabling employees to access very specific answers and contextual information frontline employees need with ease. Answering 99 percent of employee questions instantly and accurately, the Employee Knowledge Management solution lowers call and email volume to increase productivity and reduce inefficiencies.

“Initially, we were skeptical that SilverCloud would actually be able to get our content ready and the project completed by the fourth quarter as promised,” said Roelle. “The fact that SilverCloud hit out goal was commendable and surprised us all.”

The Results:

Post implementation, an incredible 96 percent of employees indicated they were able to locate information much quicker than before, and 98 percent of employees stated they now go to SilverCloud’s Employee Knowledge Management first, as opposed to asking other employees questions for assistance. The solution increased employee satisfaction to 95 percent and increased company morale and made for a better work environment.

“SilverCloud answers nearly 18,000 questions per month for our frontline staff. 37% of those are related to our new Symitar core system.”

With little work from the credit union itself, SilverCloud was able to provide a solution to better manage vital policies, procedures, and product and systems information. The SilverCloud team cleanse Arizona FCU’s content, made proper associations to relevant material, and designed an intuitive content structure for employees to utilize. SilverCloud also provide ongoing content maintenance to ensure the solution is lways at its full potential.

“Our primary goal was to make it easier to do business and improve employee satisfaction – and we achieved it with SilverCloud,” said Roelle.

About Arizona Federal Credit Union

Arizona Federal Credit Union was established on October 23, 1936, when a small group of Phoenix employees pooled their resources to form Phoenix City Employees Federal Credit Union. The institution started with fewer than 50 members and an average account balance of $5. The credit union has since expanded to manage over $1.3 billion in assets from 125,000 member accounts in 15 branch locations. Arizona Federal is dedicated to effectively serve its members’ financial needs through a professional staff, sound economic principles and a full range of financial services. For more information, visit