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SilverCloud Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Natasha Bazil, Customer Success Manager

SilverCloud Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Natasha Bazil, Customer Success Manager



Natasha Bazil
Customer Success Manager
1 Year at SilverCloud

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Q: What attracted you to working at SilverCloud?

A: I was initially attracted to SilverCloud because of the organization’s core values: “take care of each other, demonstrate excellence, and do what you say.” I try to abide by these values in my day-to-day and working with an organization that feels the same is important to me.

Q: What does a typical day look like in your role as a Customer Success Manager?

A: Our days are pretty busy! We have frequent customer check-ins and the preparatory work that goes into those agendas and action items following our meetings. We work on a number of implementations at any given time, which focus on kicking customers off with a new solution for either their employees, members / customers, or both!

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at SilverCloud?

A: I enjoy working with my team. We have some really talented individuals that are always willing to help each other out and are a sounding board to discuss ideas. We all bring something different to the table that creates a diverse group of people who are striving to deliver the best results through excellent customer service.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?

A: The relationships with our customers. Our Customer Success group does a fantastic job at delivering extraordinary customer service. From implementation to engagement, we provide ongoing support that cultivates really valuable partnerships. Our customers trust that we are working to maximize the solution for them and provide open and honest dialogue to continue delivering a successful experience for both them and their consumers.

Q: What is your passion project or hobby?

A: My pets give me more joy than I can describe. I’m very lucky that I am their fur mom and I’d have an entire army of animals if I could. I’ve fostered neonatal kittens in the past and the experience was incredibly rewarding. For hobbies, I enjoy home projects – particularly refinishing furniture and breathing new life into something that may not have been given a second glance. I also like to fish! Nothing is more relaxing than spending a summer day on a boat in the ocean catching dinner. It’s become a family pastime with my brother and father, and I cherish the memories (side note: I get ferociously seasick and have to wear prescription patches to get me through a boat trip – these are a game-changer!).

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