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Evansville Teachers FCU Hosts Webinar on Enabling a Sales Culture While Improving Service

Tami Tenbarge, Director of Sales & Employee Development at $1.2B Evansville Teachers FCU demonstrates how she quickly went from an overloaded staff to self-sufficient, lead-producing frontline employees.

In this webinar, Tami illustrates the positive service and financial impacts that SilverCloud’s Employee Knowledge Management solution (“Compass”) has had on their front-line staff and call center.  Just two months after implementation, Evansville Teachers FCU has seen dramatic results including:

  • A 12% increase in SOLD account referrals
  • Enhanced member experience and a higher level of service with one call resolution
  • Increased efficiency due to a reduction in the time it takes staff to locate answers to customer questions

Watch the webinar to hear Tami’s account first hand and learn how Evansville Teachers FCU uses SilverCloud to grow their business.