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Evolve CU: How to save money, improve service and grow!

Tori Burton, VP of Marketing at Evolve Credit Union, demonstrates what she has done to provide superior service, cut-costs and drive new opportunities at her credit union.

Tori illustrates the positive service and financial impacts to her credit union’s call center and online channels. Evolve Credit Union has utilized SilverCloud for the past 12 months – and look at the results:

  • Evolve’s self-service volume increased 290%
  • Their self-service rate now averages 98%.
  • Evolve reduced overall call center volume by 15%
  • They reduced abandoned calls by 37%
  • They reduced re-routed calls by 92%
  • Coverted their online banking with no increase in call volume!

Evolve now has 24/7 self-service and has more targeted product and loan promotion.

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