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Franklin Mint FCU Shares 5 Things About SilverCloud’s Banking Chatbot

Franklin Mint FCU Shares 5 Things About SilverCloud’s Banking Chatbot

We recently spoke with Mike Bunner, VP, Director of Digital Marketing at Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union in Pennsylvania. Franklin Mint FCU recently deployed the SilverCloud Banking Chatbot on their digital channels, adding another mode of interactive self-service for their 120,000 members across the Greater Philadelphia Region. 

Here are five things he shared about partnering with SilverCloud for a banking chatbot solution.

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#1 Selecting SilverCloud’s Chatbot was a no-brainer.

“Selecting SilverCloud’s chatbot was a no-brainer. It pulls directly from member support content we already have within the Customer Self-Service ™ platform and deploys it through an engaging, interactive chat interface. It was super simple and easy to implement, and the usage has been high, especially in the current climate where member questions have skyrocketed. We estimate that it has saved us hundreds of calls to our service center every day since launching. It was an obvious value-add to our member engagement strategy.” 

#2 Implementation was a breeze.

“SilverCloud’s Banking Chatbot was very easy to implement. Since we already have Customer Self-Service™, all it required was for our web developer to drop in one line of code to the footer section of our website. It was done within a day. The whole process probably took about a week. It was that easy.” 

#3 Chatbot helps deflect calls.

“There’s no question that the SilverCloud Banking Chatbot has helped deflect calls that would otherwise be placed to our Member Service Center. The amount of activity we’re seeing on the chatbot would equate to hundreds of calls each day. If we didn’t have the chatbot running during this time, our call center would be getting 3x the normal amount of calls.” 

#4 SilverCloud’s Banking Chatbot leads members directly to the information they seek.

 “The SilverCloud Banking Chatbot has allowed us to educate our members in a more engaging and interactive format than what the traditional website or email can do. The chatbot leads members directly to the information they’re seeking, and it allows them to respond so we gain insight into the questions and commentary they have while using it. This allows us to continuously improve our content.”

#5 SilverCloud sets their customers up for success.

“I have a few favorite vendors and SilverCloud is one of them because of the level of attention and service you get with a Customer Success Manager (CSM).

SilverCloud works with us regularly to ensure we are getting the most out of the solution and optimizing member engagement. Recently, our CSM helped us implement a handful of SilverCloud best practices, like adding top content widgets throughout our website. Putting these on our top visited pages has helped double our views, especially in online banking. Once members see the question and answers, they start clicking and interacting, increasing their engagement with our content.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the Smart Banking Chabot.



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