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SilverCloud Increases Employee Efficiency with Innovative Software Solutions

SilverCloud Increases Employee Efficiency with Innovative Software Solutions

PORTSMOUTH, NH – March 21, 2016

SilverCloud, Inc., a SaaS company specializing in digital support solutions for banks and credit unions, announced the successful implementation of its software solutions into 25 banks and credit unions ranging from $150 million to $10 billion in assets. Out of the 28 implementations, 15 banks and credit unions chose SilverCloud’s Employee Support solution, while seven of the banks and credit unions opted for SilverCloud’s Consumer Support solution. The additional three banks and credit unions implemented both Employee and Consumer Support solutions to increase overall operations and employee efficiency internally and externally.

Arizona Federal Credit Union was searching for a solution to improve employee channel productivity before fourth quarter. With the help of SilverCloud, Arizona Federal Credit Union found that 98 percent of employees looked to their Employee Support platform first to answer questions as opposed to asking other employees. SilverCloud improved workflow processes and increased overall productivity.

“Our number one goal was to make it easier to do business and improve employee satisfaction – and we achieved it,” said Cathy Roelle, vice president of Teleservices at Arizona Federal Credit Union. “Originally, there was some skepticism that we would be able to get the project completed by the 4th quarter. The fact that SilverCloud hit these goals was commendable and surprised all of us.  We never could have reached this goal without that partnership.”

SilverCloud’s solutions assist banks and credit unions to improve employee morale and overall operations. Employees are able to better meet the needs of customers by reducing search time that leads to a more meaningful interaction, ultimately giving banks and credit unions the opportunity to cross-sell services.

“SilverCloud dramatically and instantly increased the employee efficiency at these 25 banks and credit unions – with virtually no effort on their part,” said Scott Cornell, co-founder and CEO of SilverCloud. “The success of the last 12 months is a reflection of the quality of solutions offered, we are happy to assist these banks and credit unions improve their overall business and look forward to future implementation projects.”

SilverCloud specializes in digital support through both employee and digital channels. SilverCloud’s Employee Support solution seamlessly integrates with banks and credit unions’ intranet or portals to provide customer service representatives with immediate and up-to-date information.  The Consumer Support solution integrates across bank and credit unions’ mobile, internet and banking channel to provide customer self-service.

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