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SilverCloud Adds Six Bank or Credit Union Customers in Two Months

SilverCloud Adds Six Bank or Credit Union Customers in Two Months

June 22, 2016, Portsmouth, NH — Between April and May of 2016, SilverCloud, Inc., a SaaS company specializing in banking-specific sales and service solutions, signed six new bank or credit union customers, including Langley Federal Credit Union, Chartway Federal Credit Union, Cambridge Trust Company, Solarity Credit Union, United Community Bank and Merrimack Valley Federal Credit Union.

SilverCloud’s self-service solutions help banks and credit unions of all sizes to efficiently tackle day-to-day operations by significantly reducing the amount of search time needed to find answers, as opposed to searching for answers within cumbersome legacy systems. SilverCloud implements an organized and easily accessible solution that creates a less stressful work environment for the bank or credit union’s employees while increasing productivity.

Out of the six banks and credit unions, Langley Federal Credit Union, Merrimack Valley Federal Credit Union and Solarity Credit Union chose Compass to streamline employee communications and access to pertinent information, while United Community Bank opted for SilverCloud’s Breeze solution to improve customer experience across all banking channels. As for Chartway Federal Credit Union and Cambridge Trust they selected both Breeze and Compass solutions.

SilverCloud’s suite of software solutions includes two unique products, Compass™ and Breeze™. Compass seamlessly integrates with banks and credit unions’ intranet or portals to provide customer service representatives with immediate and up-to-date information. Breeze integrates across a banks and credit unions’ mobile, internet and banking channel to provide customer self-service and sales.

“Establishing a strong operational and sales initiative is vital for the survival of a bank or credit union,” said Scott Cornell, CEO of SilverCloud. “By choosing SilverCloud, these six banks and credit unions, which are varying in size, are embracing technology that ensures continued profitability by increasing the efficiency for which they complete tasks to grow their institution and provide a better customer experience for their customers.”

About SilverCloud

Portsmouth, NH-based SilverCloud ( is the self-service solution for premier banks and credit unions. Successful banks and credit unions utilize SilverCloud to improve service and increase productivity that leads to more growth. SilverCloud delivers easy-to-launch solutions that unify employee and digital service channels with consistent and accurate information. SilverCloud clients are more competitive, experience greater operational efficiency, and are more compliant – all through bank or credit union focused SaaS tools, content architecture and content services.

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