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ELFCUs Online Conversion: A Breeze

ELFCUs Online Conversion: A Breeze

Eli Lilly Federal Credit Union (ELFCU) went through an online banking conversion in May 2013. They integrated SilverCloud’s Consumer Support solution a month prior, and paved the way for a seamless transition. During the height of the conversion, ELFCU, powered by Silvercloud, instantly answered an astonishing 130% more member questions than average.

ELFCU was prepared for this event, which is typically chaotic for any bank or credit union. In addition to a stress-free conversion, ELFCU’s average savings increased by 150% by mitigating the flood of redundant calls to the call center.

“We were immediately able to see the benefits,” said Ashli Moore, Assistant VP of Business Intelligence at ELFCU.

ELFCU finds SilverCloud’s user-friendly interface and simplicity of adding new content to the knowledge base as two of the biggest benefits of their Consumer Support solution. They have also found the notifications for new cases very helpful, especially during their conversion.