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SilverCloud Presents At CCUA Training Network Meeting

SilverCloud Presents At CCUA Training Network Meeting

April 17th, 2018, Portsmouth, NH: Al Rosenbaum, Executive Vice President of Customer Success at SilverCloud, will assist credit union trainers in rethinking their training strategy to achieve institutional goals at the Cooperative Credit Union Association’s (CCUA) 2018 Training Network meeting. Rosenbaum will collaborate with participants around:

  • Why focusing on real-time training rather than traditional training methods is key to reducing repetitive training and enabling front-line employees to excel in their job – and enjoy the work they do. 
  • Why focusing on the right tools, not time, is key to developing a system of managing and circulating information both during and after the initial training phase.
  • Why focusing on your content directly impacts your frontline employees, and how to make your information searchable, understandable, and actionable.

The event will be held at CCUA’s headquarters in Marlborough, MA on April 19th, 2018. For more information click here.  

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