Bridge the Gap
Between your frontline and back office.

The key to efficiency and compliance is people, process, and technology.
Today's banks and credit unions need all three to ensure adoption and compliance to create one version of the truth.


It’s not the word you want associated with your financial institution

but it’s often how your employees feel.

  • Frontline staff feel frustrated when searching for answers in the moment to help a customer.
  • Managers feel frustrated when repeatedly asked basic procedure questions.
  • Back office feels frustrated when hundreds of pages of policies and procedures are not being followed.
  • And, worst of all, consumers get frustrated when they are left waiting on hold or forced to deal with mistakes.

When tasked with opening a new account and searching for the correct procedure to follow, it’s not uncommon for pages of search results to appear, pointing to a myriad of documents. Without proper versioning requirements, multiple versions of the same document exist, making it unclear which one is most current.

The result? Inefficiency and confusion for your frontline.

Fixing this problem requires bridging the gap of frontline and back office needs to:

(1) break down long documents into short, simple to understand, clearly titled steps that anyone can follow, regardless of experience.

(2) ensure frontline staff can find, follow, and use procedures in the moment.

Creating one version

of the

truth requires:



and Technology.


People will always be at the heart of your institution. The most successful approach it to create a centralized content assembly line with content architects. These individuals oversee all the policies, procedures and product information that is entered and managed in your employee portal, intranet or knowledge base. They work with the SMEs to ensure accuracy, schedule review dates, create approval workflows and manage version control. They also ensure best practices for titling, descriptions, keywords, and formatting are followed to ensure findability and usability for the frontline staff.

Documented processes that are effectively used are necessary to ensure consistency and efficiency. In the regulated banking industry, this documentation saves more than just frustration; it could be the difference between compliance success or failure. While these will vary from institution, generally they should include:

  • Basic service level agreements between departments – the process for requests, expected turnaround times, and information requirements
  • Content responsibilities (which may vary based on department) – editing content, content approvals, and rules for publishing content
  • The technology that frontline staff use to find policies and procedures, and the escalation process based on the question types



Lastly, financial institutions need a central repository to house policies and procedures. To effectively bridge the gap between the frontline and back office, a centralized repository must contain certain critical features:

  • Features that allow content to be imported and displayed in small, easy-to-follow steps, rather than in long documents with multi-step processes.
  • Audit history tools are key features for the back office.
  • Functionality to allow employees to document changes to policies and procedures.
  • Ability to see when changes were made and by whom – critical features for ongoing compliance and version control.
  • Reporting tools that produce analytics around usage, feedback (how helpful an answer is/isn’t).
  • Automation of the many of the day-to-day tasks (such as notifications, workflows etc.).

Bridging the gap between the frontline and back office requires people, processes and technology. When institutions fully commit to this approach, the results are immediate and effective. Impacts include:

SilverCloud’s Employee Support solution combines the people, process and technology to:

  • Create and manage one version of the truth that is consistent and compliant
  • Ensure employees can find, follow and use procedures in the moment
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