Contact Center Volume

Improve contact center metrics with world-class digital support

Banks and credit union contact centers face unprecedented pressures – increasing call, email and chat volumes regarding technology questions and limited hiring budgets impact their ability to hit services levels. More technology related calls are increasing average handle time and abandonment rates. What is your institution doing to improve contact center metrics and provide your consumers with a world-class experience?

Are You Providing Self-Service Support Answers?

Consumers no longer expect self-service support answers, they demand it wherever they are and when it is convenient for them. Is your institution delivering the self-service support answers they’ve come to expect?

  • Provide step-by-step how to answers
  • Deliver consistently across web, mobile and online banking
  • Follow self-service best practices

Learn how SilverCloud's Customer Self-Service reduces contact center volumes while improving NPS scores.

Banking Specific Search

Provide the most useful and relevant information with contextual search to ensure your users get information quickly and intuitively.

Banking Chatbot

Deploy your SilverCloud content via Chatbot. Display top questions, let them ask questions, and build custom bot journeys to answer and guide your consumer from question to satisfaction.

Mobile Banking Integration

Deliver service to the channel your consumers use the most. Alleviate the abundance of Tier 1 support questions flooding your call center and drive deeper product engagement from your mobile banking.

Make Automated Support Your Secret Weapon
Over 200 banks and credit unions use SilverCloud to reduce call center volume and improve their NPS
“With SilverCloud Customer Self-Service's mobile and web-based solutions, we measured an immediate reduction in the amount of technology related calls (64%) and have seen call center volumes decrease by more than 20%. Read the Success Story
Jason Woods,Vice President, Manager of Interactive Services
Bank of Oak Ridge