Recorded Webinar

How to Fix Your Banking Policies and Procedures

The #1 Productivity Killer and How to Fix It

Join us at 2:00 pm EST to learn how your policy, product, and procedure manuals are setting your bank or credit union back. We will look at real industry case studies and discuss this pervasive industry problem, plus offer solutions for turning a productivity and revenue killer into a productivity and revenue driver.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why your current policies, procedures and product information are ruining employee effectiveness and, in turn, the customer experience
  • How to re-invent your policies, procedures and product information so that you can free up as much as 60% of your managers’, training staff’s, and subject matter experts’ time
  • How to decrease employee turnover and improve your bottom line


Al Rosenbaum
EVP, Customer Success
SilverCloud Inc.

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