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Ensure Training is Consistent and Uniform Across Branches and Channels

Many banks and credit unions struggle with uniformity across channels and branches. When it comes to training, this lack of consistency can negatively affect the customer experience and can even lead to compliance issues. That’s because today’s customers communicate with their banks and credit unions via a number of channels, including the web, mobile devices, local branches and call centers. When bank employees receive differing information and inconsistent training, they pass that inconsistent information on to the customer, who may receive one answer from the call center employee and a completely different answer from the local branch employee or the website.

It’s a major and pervasive problem afflicting banks and credit unions across the country. Fortunately, SilverCloud Compass can fix the bank training breakdown by providing consistent, up-to-date and always accurate information across channels and branches.

Introduce New Products and Services with Ease

According to American Banker, “one top 20 bank converted to image-enabled deposits and then discovered that 81 percent of its employees did not know how to make an envelope-free deposit. Many did not even know the feature existed.”

With SilverCloud Compass, introducing new products and services is easy. That’s because all the information employees need to understand and explain new features and services is a simple mouse click away. When you hire SilverCloud, you don’t just get the software service, you get a full team of content experts that work with you for the length of your contract — which could be indefinitely. This team of content experts, who focus solely on banks and credit unions, ensure that anytime a product, policy or procedure change occurs, your documentation reflects the change, immediately. Not only that, but they ensure that this content is easy to find, easy to understand and easy to communicate to the end consumer.

Give Employees Immediate and Accurate Answers to All of Their Questions — So What Gets Lost After Training, Can Be Easily Found Again

In a survey conducted by SilverCloud, the majority of bank training managers said that they spend more time training employees on how to find answers than on the actual products and procedures. In fact, one bank training manager surveyed said she spent 100% of her time answering employee questions instead of training. Because front line employees had no place to go to find quick answers to their questions, they relied on the training manager as their source of information, leaving her little to no time to do her actual job — training.

This scenario, which repeats in banks and credit unions across the country each day, proves that current bank sales training strategies and overall bank employee training strategies aren’t effective. A more effective model is to offer real-time training or real-time information to employee questions.

With SilverCloud Compass, that becomes possible. SilverCloud Compass breaks down all of your products, policies and procedure information and re-architects it, so that it is easy to find, comprehend and convey to consumers. It means that if an employee learns how to open a customer checking account and upsell them to a savings account during sales training, but then quickly forgets how to do so, he or she can simply type their question into SilverCloud Compass and get the answer, step-by-step. What is lost after training is easily found again.

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