Help Customers Help Themselves

Answer hundreds of support, product, and technology questions, 24/7.

  • Reduce call volumes with a robust self-service solution
  • Increase digital adoption with how-to tutorials
  • Drive leads and conversions with actionable answers
  • Deploy quickly with a custom knowledge base we build for you

An answer for every question. Wherever and whenever.
SilverCloud’s Customer Self-Service provides the interfaces to connect. The intelligence to understand. The knowledge to answer.
DIVA (Digital Virtual Assistant)

Guide your customers with DIVA, the smartest banking virtual assistant. Loaded with the intelligence to understand what your customers are asking and a custom knowledge base to provide the right answer.

Comprehensive Search

Surround your customers with access to answers across your digital channels. Refined from millions of banking searches, it understands what your customers are asking and returns the right answers and recommends the next step.

Smart FAQs

Provide your customers with the right answer at the right time, embedded directly onto the right page. From high-value product pages to high-volume support pages, Smart FAQs drive engagement and reduce call volumes.

Guided Tutorials

Accelerate digital adoption of customer-facing technologies such as mobile & online banking features and online account openings. The custom Guided Tutorials walk your customers through step-by-step interactives guides that increase digital usage and adoption.

Knowledge & Intelligence

Answer every question with the most robust banking knowledge base that we customize for you and the natural language intelligence to understand what they are asking. Ongoing data and insights provide the blueprint to ensure its constantly improving.

Provide the experiences your customers expect
Reduce Call Volumes 

Decrease call, email, and chat volumes by putting answers at your customers’ fingertips.

Increase Digital Adoption 

Increase digital adoption with custom step-by-step tutorials.

Drive Growth

Drive more digital leads and conversions by answers that questions that lead to sales.

"The epitome of helping our customers help themselves!"

Challenge: Helping Members During Off Hours

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Challenge: High call volume

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Challenge: High call volume, redundant technology calls

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