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The Problem: Promise vs. Reality

Banks and credit unions have made tremendous investments in digital banking seeking the promised land – seamless customer experiences, reduced customer questions, and a steady stream of new accounts opened online every day. Even with the tools in place, it hasn’t happened.

Why? Because as an industry we overlooked a simple, yet powerful, step: self-service assistance. We assumed if we built it, they would come and know how to use it. Its why contact center volumes are up and why the top two questions are related to digital banking.

Did you know: 70% of banking customers start with digital self-service when they have a question. BUT… only 9% are able to complete the interaction on their own.

The Solution: Self-Service Assistance
Improve customer experience & increase digital adoption


The Hidden Cost of Your Digital-First Strategy

70% of banking customers start with online self-service support but it’s not working for 87% of them. So, where do digital-first strategies go wrong? The hidden support and opportunity costs will surprise you.

Compare Features: The Package Built for Banking
TimeTrade SilverCloud’s Self-Service Assistance package delivers the tools & insights to quickly improve the customer experience and increase digital adoption


Accelerate Your Digital First Strategy

TimeTrade SilverCloud’s Self-Service Assistance package surrounds your customers with access to information, making it easy for customers to answer their support, product, and technology questions 24/7.

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The Solution 400+ Financial Institutions Trust
“We are able to provide our members the self-service they want, and also engage members and provide personalized, tailored suggestions focusing on their financial wellness. We recognized self-service as vital to our future success before the onset of the pandemic, however, COVID-19 quickly placed a spotlight on the vital importance of enabling members to conduct business at a time and place that is most convenient to the member.”
Laura Pryor, Vice President of Member Experience
American 1 Credit Union
“When SilverCloud said Customer Self-Service could be up in three to four weeks, I prepared for about two months. But it actually took about three weeks – exactly what they said. I was shocked by how quick implementation was. That’s a testament to how easy SilverCloud makes it for their customers. They made it super seamless for us and we didn’t have to do much. That enabled us to launch it extremely fast on the website.”
Blake E. Wallace, AVP Member Services
Staley Credit Union
“The SilverCloud Banking Chatbot makes your website more interactive without needing the employees behind a real live chat. It is like a virtual extension of our Member Service Center without actually requiring them to staff it. And the great thing is, it has a LivePerson™ integration so that it can be integrated with a live chat solution, as well.”
Mike Bunner, VP Director of Digital Marketing
Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
“The call center was working very hard and feeling stressed – they spent the majority of their time answering routine questions with less time to focus on deepening client relationships. With TimeTrade SilverCloud, we measured an immediate reduction in the amount of technology related calls.”
Jason Woods, Vice President, Manager of Interactive Services
Bank of Oak Ridge
“They took everything that we gave them, and they just ran with it. I thought, “it cannot be this easy, can it?” I felt like we were doing something wrong during implementation because we weren’t having to do much at all. And you could tell that they had done this before for other credit union and banks, and it showed.”
Tami Tenbardge, Director of Sales & Employee Development
Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union