Employee Self-Service

Give your banking employees information that is easy to find and follow

We hear the same thing from bankers over and over again – “my employees can’t easily find information, our procedures are really long and difficult to follow, there are a lot of inconsistencies between departments” and on and on. What impact is this having on your customer experience and service levels?
Challenges Facing Financial Institutions

“I spend 75% of my day answering employee questions because they can’t find answers.”


“Our procedures are really long and difficult to follow in the moment, so our employees make stuff up.”


“Our staff really struggles with the account opening processes and it takes way too long, which is bad for service levels and the customer experience.”


Finally fix your knowledge management problem

Empower your employees with consistent, reliable information at their fingertips.

  • Deliver consistent, easy to find and follow policies & procedures
  • Empower your staff with answers they can use in the moment
  • Create a single source of truth across your institution that is easy to manage and maintain

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Learn how SilverCloud's Employee Knowledge Management is fixing financial institutions knowledge management issues by making information easy to find, follow and manage.

Banking Specific Search

Search designed from the ground up for financial institutions so that your employees can always find what they are looking for.

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Procedure Builder

Organize complex procedures into one easy-to-use tool that guides your employees step-by-step.

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Content Services

Not only do we implement your content, we make it more searchable and easy to follow and provide ongoing updates and enhancements.

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250M+ Questions Answered. 200+ Financial Institutions.
“SilverCloud has definitely helped save a lot of time on the front end. Staff no longer have to research multiple platforms, nor call various departments to get the answers they need. This also improves our member experience. The faster the frontline is able to access a resource that will help them assist the member, the faster and smoother than transaction will be for the member. Read the Success Story
Kristin Morrison
Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union