Employee Support

Policies & Procedures In Real Time

Procedure Management That Makes Information Easy to Find, Follow, and Manage
Centralize all your policies, procedures, documentation, product information and forms in a single portal that is easy to use, manage and always up to date.

Transform your Policies & Procedures with a rich set of features and services built just for banks and credit unions.

  • Deliver consistent, easy to find and follow policies & procedures
  • Empower your staff with answers they can use in the moment
  • Create a single source of truth across your institution that is easy to manage and maintain

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Improve Service Levels

Improve first call resolution and reduce call handling times with intuitive searches that quickly deliver the right answers, broken down step-by-step.

Decrease Training Time

Focus your training on coaching, rather than on memorizing complex procedures your employees destined to forget.

Optimize Operations & Compliance

Centralize your policies and procedures by removing the silos tand reduce the number of errors and your institution’s risk

Banking Specific Features

Fix Your Knowledge Management Issues

There are lots of solutions on the market that claim to solve this problem – SharePoint, document management, policy management, knowledge management, intranets to name a few. What they overlook is that fixing this problem requires more than technology. It requires an approach that ensures you create a single source of truth that is used across your institution:

  • Content: optimizing your content to be easily found, followed, and managed.
  • Process: managing a single-source of truth across departments and applications
  • Technology: bank-grade features built exclusively for the needs of bankers

Banking Specific Search

Search designed from the ground up for financial institutions so that your employees can always find what they are looking for.

Procedure Builder

Organize complex procedures into one easy-to-use tool that guides your employees step-by-step.

Content Drafting & Approvals

Draft, review, edit, schedule, and approve content easily across different departments and users to ensure accuracy.

Audit History

Revision history that shows exactly what has changed, when and by whom make audits simple.

Data Driven Enhancements

Levering insights from the SilverCloud Answer Platform, we use data to inform our ongoing content strategy roadmap to ensure that your answers and digital self-service experience are constantly improving.

Content Services

Not only do we implement your content, we make it more searchable and easy to follow and provide ongoing updates and enhancements.

The Numbers Say It All
Improve first call resolution, service levels and reduce the number of high-risk exceptions with SilverCloud
Employees who turn to SilverCloud instead of asking others for help at Arizona Federal Credit Union
Employees who feel they give better expert advice at Evansville Federal Teachers Credit Union
Questions per day answered by SilverCloud versus asking other employees at the Institution for Savings

Why Banks & Credit Unions Love SilverCloud
Live in 90 days because we do the heavy lifting; at launch and ongoing.

Industry Specific Platform

Banks and Credit Unions have unique needs, processes and compliance requirements. We built our platform to focus only on banks and credit unions and service their needs.

Content Specialists

We developed the industry leading best practices for support answers and policies and procedures. Utilizing our best practices, we do the work for you, making your content more searchable and user-friendly at implementation and providing ongoing updates and enhancements.

Banking Insights & Expertise

With over 25,000,000 searches conducted on SilverCloud, we are able to provide intelligence to ensure your policies & procedures are constantly improving to ensure ongoing consumer and employee self-service.

Proven SilverCloud Approach
We do the heavy lifting so you can be live in 90 days and provide a 12-month satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked.

Analyze & Plan

Analyze existing assets & establish content plan

Create & Optimize

Create customized answers following best practices

Deliver & Integrate

Deliver front end widgets & templates

Data-Driven Enhancements

Continuously optimize answers based on real-time feedback

The SilverCloud Satisfaction Guarantee

Launch in 90 days

We do the heavy lifting

We are so confident in our platform, people and process that we guarantee your satisfaction and remove your risk of getting locked into a long-term contract. Get out after 6 months for Consumer Support or 12 months for Employee Support, no questions asked.