Help Employees Help Customers

Empower your employees with consistent, reliable information at their fingertips.

  • Create a single source of truth that your employees will use
  • Deliver consistency across your financial institution
  • Improve employee confidence while reducing training times
  • Deploy quickly with a dedicated team that loads, structures, and optimizes your content


An answer for every question. Wherever and whenever.
SilverCloud’s Employee Knowledge Management provides your employees the answers they need to delight your customers.
EVA (Employee Virtual Assistant)

Guide your employees with EVA, the banking employee virtual assistant. Loaded with the intelligence to understand what your employees are asking and a custom knowledge base to provide the right answer.

Comprehensive Search

Provide your employees with instant answers that return the right policy, procedure, or product information. Refined from millions of banking searches, it understands what your employees are asking and returns the right answers every time.

Step-by-Step Guides

Enable your employees with step-by-step guides that provide the confidence that the answer to any questions is not only easy to find, but easy to understand.

Access Anywhere

Ensure adoption and ease of use by embedding SilverCloud directly into the tools your employees use whether they are in-person or remote including a desktop app, Microsoft 365, intranets, call center technology, and more.

Knowledge Management Tools

Ensure your content is always up to date with robust banking tools built for banking. From single sign on, to robust reporting, workflow and notifications, SilverCloud provides the tools bankers need.

Empower your staff with the knowledge they need

Boost Confidence & Efficiency

Boost your employee confidence and institution’s efficiency by empowering them with the answers they need without asking their co-workers.

Improve Service Levels

Improve first call contact resolution and reduce handling times with easy to find and follow answers.

Decrease Training Times

Focus your training on coaching, rather than memorizing complex procedures that are easily accessed via a quick search.

"It's like Google for our employees!"

Challenge: Empower employees and make information easy to keep up to date

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Challenge: Reduce employee-to-employee questions

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Challenge: Remove siloed departmental information

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