Employee Onboarding

Decrease employee ramp-up time from months to weeks

Ramping up new employees and providing ongoing compliance training for employees is a big endeavor for most financial institutions. But what happens once employees are through training – are they able to retain all of that information or do they revert to what we call "tribal knowledge"? Aka asking their co-workers, defaulting back to the soon-to-be outdated print outs and digging through endless documents on the intranet wondering which is the right one. The fastest way to ramp up new employees is to give them a tool that makes searching for the right answers easy and focus training on brand values and consumer experience.

Are You Providing Easy to Find and Follow Answers?

In a perfect world employee training would focus on coaching for consumer experience and professional development and not on route memorization of policies and procedures that will be instantly forgotten. The answer is a policy and procedures answer platform that:

  • Gives access to easy to find answers, quickly
  • Provides easy to understand and follow step-by-step procedures
  • Allows your employees to work in the moment with consumers in front of them

Learn how SilverCloud's Employee Knowledge Management reduces new employee onboarding time from months to weeks

Banking Specific Search

Search designed from the ground up for financial institutions so that your employees can always find what they are looking for.

Procedure Builder

Organize complex procedures into one easy-to-use tool that guides your users step-by-step.

Make Automated Support Your Secret Weapon
Over 200 banks and credit unions use SilverCloud to improve employee onboarding times
“Now, trainers sit with new employees and use SilverCloud to go through questions. It really gives the new employee confidence that they can get these answers. SilverCloud's Employee Knowledge Management creates an environment where it’s professional and impressive for new employees because it’s easy for them to locate answers. Read the Success Story
Tammy Roeger, Senior Vice President of Retail Banking
Institution for Savings