Make Your Intranet Work the Way It Was Always Meant To

Give Your Employees Instant Access to the Policy, Procedure and Product Information They Need to Best Service Customers.
Hear How Other Banks and Credit Unions Have Benefited from Compass

Compass is a policy and procedure application that seamlessly integrates with your bank or credit union’s intranet or portal — be it SharePoint, Passageways or any other.  

By having SilverCloud break down and re-architect your policies, procedures and product information, while relying on the power of knowledge-based banking technology, Compass gives your front-line employees the ability to instantly locate the accurate, up-to-date information they need to exceed customer expectations.

Compass Gives Your Bank or Credit Union:

Consistent and Accurate Intranet Information

Consistent and Accurate
Intranet Information

An Effective Training Aid
for New Employees

Improved Employee Confidence and Morale

Improved Employee
Confidence and Morale

175+ banks, credit unions and lenders are already using SilverCloud to provide customers and members with immediate answers to their questions.

  • Security Service FCU
  • Navigant
  • Smart Financial
  • Mill City
  • Firsttrust

Make Policy, Procedure and Product Information Easier to Search, Understand and Disseminate

  • By breaking down content into bite-sized, digestible answers, long, dense documents are eliminated, giving your staff simplified, straightforward information that is easy to comprehend.
  • SilverCloud content specialists become a part of your team, providing ongoing content maintenance to ensure documentation is always up-to-date and compliant across channels — so your staff always has trustworthy, consistent documentation.
  • Scenario-based answers help staff better service members while fostering employee confidence and autonomy.

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Let Your Intranet Handle Employee Training and Questions

  • With Compass, your intranet search function is supercharged so it produces the exact answer your employee is looking for.
  • 99% of employee questions are answered instantly and accurately via the intranet, saving valuable time.
  • When your intranet becomes your employees’ number one information source, their reliance on subject matter experts is eliminated. Your front line becomes the financial authorities and employee turnover drops, saving you valuable time training new employees.

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Integrate Compass with Your Current Intranet

  • Compass works seamlessly with SharePoint, Passageways and the majority of popular intranet solutions used by banks and credit unions today.
  • When you decide to integrate Compass, implementation is so easy you won’t even need to enlist IT for more than an hour

Watch How It Works

Did You Know?


Most banks and credit unions have over 5000 pages of policy, procedure and product information


Frontline staff needs access to more than 2500 unique answers they need to find and use and 100’s of scenarios?


30% of all policies, procedure and product information changes each year

The Silvercloud Guarantee

The Silvercloud Guarantee

SilverCloud guarantees 90% of employee’s questions will be answered instantly within the first 30 days of going live.

The majority of SilverCloud clients reach 98% of questions answered instantly within their first 90 days.


Why Is Compass Different?

  • Banking and credit union technology to help find the right answers, forms and procedures instantly
  • Content designed and architected to deliver exactly what your employees need
  • We do the work to optimize your content
  • Improve audits and provide better compliance
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