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4 Things You Should Know (But Were Never Told) About Your Upcoming Conversion

Learn what you need to know to prepare for an upcoming conversion, or what to look out for in a future one. 

If you’re currently undergoing a banking core conversion, or preparing for one in the future, ask yourself:

  • Is my current DATA actually going to work?
  • Will we be truly OPERATIONAL during and after?
  • Will our EMPLOYEES really know what to do?
  • Will your CUSTOMERS be left searching for answers?

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In this webinar, you’ll learn about how conversions impact:

  • Your Data – What really happens? Your data is much dirtier than you likely realize.  Disparate, duplicated, missing and wrong.  But how bad is it?  What’s the impact?
  • Your Operations — Are you flying blind? Current processes and reporting will change or just disappear. What is the status of your historic reports?  Your future data? The new core functionality will be great, but not all-encompassing.  What operations will fall through the cracks?  What will you be scrambling to fix once you flip the switch?
  • Your Employees – Are your employees up to the task? Employee enablement is critical since everything in their world changes. Are they prepared? Do they have what they need to continue servicing your customers?  Will your customers freak out?
  • Your Customers – Will they stick with you? Will your changes to online and mobile banking improve the experience or just frustrate your customers and overload your call center?

Watch as we outline these problems and ANSWER the following:

  • Can I really know the state of my data and its impact on my success?
  • Will I have access to all my historic data, critical processes, and reports?
  • How do I ensure my employees have what they need and are prepared?
  • AND – Is all this fixable before the big event?


Al Rosenbaum
EVP Customer Success
SilverCloud Inc.
Jamie Jackson
CEO & Founder

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