Banking Chatbot and Live Chat Integration

Deliver the high-tech, high-touch experience your consumers demand


Most financial institutions are considering either live chat or a chatbot, but delivering the experience that your consumers demand requires both. Chatbots are great at handling high-volume questions and guiding your consumers down high-value journeys. But there will always be a percentage of questions that require human intervention. Consumer’s number one frustration is starting in one channel, being forced to switch channels, and having to start all over. 

With the SilverCloud chatbot and LivePerson integration, you are able to deliver the high tech, high touch experiences your consumers demand. Provide your customers with a frictionless experience that keeps them in the same chatbot interface, while notifying your agent right in the LivePerson interface they’re already working in. A seamless experience for both your consumer and employee. 



Chatbots & Live Chat:

Why you need BOTH to deliver the experience your consumers demand

SilverCloud and LivePerson outline the winning formula for lowering support costs, increasing product engagement and delivering the digital support your consumers demand. Watch the on-demand recording below.

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The Benefits of Using Chatbots and Live Chat

Deliver a Better Experience

Eliminate consumer’s #1 frustration while providing the high-touch experience your institution prides itself on. 

Deflect 75% of Live Chats

Deflect 75%+ of live chats with a robust chatbot that answers their questions so you can spend time with customers that need human support.

Increase Product Conversion

Leverage bots and human support to guide your consumers through the decision making process.