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How to Fix the 6 Most Common Mistakes Writing Banking Policies & Procedures

Write better procedures by avoiding these common missteps.

Writing and revising policies and procedures are critical tasks at banks and credit unions. Policies and procedures that are written well are clear, accurate, and easy-to-follow. Failing to meet these three tenets leads most obviously to compliance risk, but poorly written policies and procedures also have direct impacts on employee productivity and customer/member satisfaction – leading to a higher rate of exceptions, rework, and low NPS ratings. 

In this webinar, we outline the 6 most common mistakes to avoid when writing banking policies and procedures and tips on how to fix them.

This webinar covers:

  • How to set up your institution to better write and manage policies & procedures
  • The top 6 most common mistakes to avoid when writing policies & procedures
  • How to fix common errors in your policies & procedures today
  • Real-life case studies demonstrating why it matters

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Al Rosenbaum
EVP of Customer Success
SilverCloud Inc

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