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4 Tips for Improving Marketing Metrics at Your Bank/Credit Union

Learn tips and insights that will set your team up for success in 2019

In today’s highly digital landscape, Marketing teams at banks and credit unions play a bigger role than ever in driving institutional growth and efficiency via dozens of channels. As one credit union VP of Marketing put it recently:

“The marketing channels have all expanded. When I started out in Marketing with my first credit union, we basically had branch merchandising, statement inserts, and direct mail. Today I can’t even count the channels we have. Every time I try to count them I run out of fingers.”

Behind many channels are many metrics. What those metrics are varies by institution, but all banks and credit unions, regardless of size, seek answers and set goals around the same basic questions: 

  • Who’s visiting our site and why? 
  • How long are they staying? 
  • Why do they leave?
  • Are prospects or members/customers finding the answers they seek?
  • Is our website driving new revenue/membership?

In this webinar, we address these questions and outline 4 tips for improving key marketing metrics.  Watch the webinar to learn tips and insights that’ll set your team up for success in 2019.

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Webinar Speaker
Julia Hook
Marketing Director
SilverCloud Inc

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