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Why It Might Be Time To Rethink Your Bank/CU's Training Strategy

Learn how to grow your bank or credit union by training smarter, not harder.

Training managers, branch leaders, and call center professionals at banks and credit unions today share a similar goal – deliver an exceptional experience to their customers/members. This means focusing on the training, coaching and development of employees on the front line.

But they are faced with a variety of challenges. Among them:

  • High attrition
  • Limited to no budget for increasing staff
  • Too much time spent training staff on how to find information, and not enough on coaching/development

Register to view the webinar and learn how to rethink your bank or CU’s training strategy to achieve your institutional goals.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why focusing on real-time training rather than traditional training methods is key to reducing repetitive training and enabling frontline employees to excel in their job – and enjoy the work they do. And bonus: Learn how to build a business case for real-time training.
  • Why focusing on the right tools, not time is key to developing a system of managing and circulating information both during and after the initial training phase.
  • Why focusing on your content directly impacts your frontline employees, and how to make your information searchable, understandable, and actionable.


Al Rosenbaum
EVP Customer Success
SilverCloud Inc.

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