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Top 4 Strategies To Improve Your Service Level Metrics in Your Bank or CU Call Center

Learn four proven ways that banks and credit unions can improve important service level metrics.

Most bank and credit union executives and call centers  leader today are focused on three main metrics: abandonment rates, service levels, and handling times. And it’s with good reason. All three directly reflect an institution’s efficiency and the quality of the consumer experience. Nevertheless, the banking industry today has struggled to improve these metrics.

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In this webinar you’ll learn:

The common challenges in most banking call centers today

  • Root causes of suboptimal service level metrics
  • Fresh approaches for self service at the consumer & employee level to rethinking your call center strategy
  • Real-life case studies demonstrating how other banks and CU’s have addressed this problem


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Al Rosenbaum
EVP Customer Success
SilverCloud Inc.

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