One Annual, Fixed Fee

No change orders, no professional services charges. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Finally, a Pricing Model that Makes Sense

We are not like most banking providers. We don’t hook you in with a price and nickel and dime you every time you want to make an update. One annual fee, and we allow you to get out penalty free in 12 months if you’re not satisfied.

A unique approach that removes your risk AND gets you live quickly (because we do the heavy lifting)

Technology can masquerade as the solution to all your challenges. But what many don’t factor into the total cost are the resources needed to setup, build, load, and improve the solution over time. At SilverCloud, our annual fixed fee includes the platform, the people that do the content & interfaces, and help you launch quickly. We also provide the ongoing data-driven insights and updates to ensure your solution is constantly improving. No change order, no professional services charges, just one annual invoice. It’s a customer focused approach that removes your risk and ensures your satisfaction.

All at a fixed fee. Imagine that?

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