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Breeze, the Customer Service Software from SilverCloud Helps Banks and Credit Unions Grow

Silvercloud Breeze is a solution for banks and credit union’s customers and members to come to their digital channels and get the answers to their questions.


Transcript of Video:

Al Rosenbaum, Executive VP, SilverCloud: Silvercloud Breeze is a sales and service solution for banks and credit union’s. It allows customers and members to come to a banks/credit union’s digital channels and get immediate answers to their questions.

Mark Burgess, VP of Customer Success: What we found was that banks and credit unions had call centers that were just getting flooded with repetitive calls, and we found that by introducing a technology solution on their website and inside of their mobile applications, that we could reduce a lot of those calls and really make the relationship that the bank or credit union was trying to make with the customer much more solid.

Tim Draper, VP Marketing, Navigant: I say it often, we don’t know what we didn’t know back then, and you don’t really appreciate how many calls come into the call center that are very simple, basic questions such as “What’s your ABA routing number,” “How do I order checks.” We’ve been able to help alleviate some of the traffic in the call center. The call center staff is now really able to focus their attention on more challenging questions that members might present to us. It allows them some time to take a loan application on the phone, that they may not have had time for previously, because they were busy telling people where to order checks or find their routing number.

Al Rosenbaum: What sets SilverCloud apart is the fact that our solution is more than just a search engine. There are plenty of search engines that marketing, banks, and credit unions could put on their website, but they don’t really find the specific answers that the consumers and members are looking for, and it certainly doesn’t engage them in a way to want to learn more — and then take some calls to action.

Mark Burges: We’re able to provide a really incredible foundation of content that’s customized for each institution. Our institutions go through a small survey, and from that survey we develop 250-350 content items specifically for them.

Al Rosenbaum: The benefit of Breeze after hours is really significant. Fifty-four percent of questions that Breeze is answering are after business hours. So, these questions are coming at night as well as on weekends typically when banks or credit unions aren’t open.

Tim Draper: We’re not a 24 hour call center, so the SilverCloud knowledge base, for us, is a huge help with the weekend call and the overnight questions, that somebody might have. The reporting that we get out of SilverCloud is tremendous. We’ve actually been able to report on things we didn’t think we would be able to report on. It’s a robust and simple tool to use.

Mark Burgess: I think the single greatest benefit for our customers is that we are able to unclog the call center. We take calls that really don’t provide any value, and removing those calls (because these questions have already been answered via the digital channels). And then from a marketing perspective, we deliver this great content across all channels, and we’re able to manage all of that for them(banks/CUs) and report on it as well. So we’re really providing just great content across all their channels so that their members and their customers are getting really good answers wherever they happen to be, whether it’s on the website, mobile application, or even on online banking.

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