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The Employee Self-Service Solution, SilverCloud Compass, Helps Banks and Credit Unions Grow


Transcript of Video:

Wes Barry, VP of Retail Banking, Institution for Savings: Well, before we had compass, we had information sort of all over the place. It might have been on network bank share drives, or a rudimentary internet that we had put together before. So, if you’re an employee and you want to try and find some information, you may spend a good chunk of time just trying to figure out where that information is, and now with SilverCloud Compass there is just one place you can go, so it’s much quicker and more efficient.

Mark Burgess, VP of Customer Success: We take all of the content and put it into the solution for you. So, instead of relying on your employees, you utilize our team to help you through that process. We have rolled out more Compass products this year than we ever have in the past, and it’s really the combination of the software and the services that come in handy for them (banks and credit unions).

I’ve had institutions say “it’s about time!” These institutions are just really looking for a way to fix this problem and SilverCloud does that for them.

Wes Barry: SilverCloud Compass has provided the tools for employees to be able to ask the questions and get the answers themselves, rather than having to be constantly emailing or calling other staff members or subject matter experts. Now with SilverCloud Compass, anyone can be a subject matter expert.

Tammy Roeger, Senior VP of Retail Banking, Institution for Savings: I think, right out of the gate the presentation of the Institution for Savings to a new employee is that much more impressive because we’re using a lot of technology within the branch — but, you know, if we’re still using a procedural manual that’s a direct reflection on how we’re doing things.

Al Rosenbaum, Executive VP, SilverCloud: It’s about taking that bank or credit unions content and breaking it down in ways that are easy for the search engine to find it, easy for the front line staff to consume it, as well as easy for those that have to keep the information up-to-date, making it easier for them to find and update those changes that happen so frequently.

Tammy Roeger: Feedback from the frontline employees about SilverCloud Compass has been great. It works as was initially disclosed to us, so as we train people and promise that the product would function in a certain way — it absolutely has.

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