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Beyond Transactions: How to Turn Your Banking Mobile App and Site Into a Digital Branch

Learn how to go beyond transactions and translate the physical branch experience into your digital channels

The pace of technology continues to shape the banking industry, leaving banks and credit unions struggling to stay ahead. Consumer behaviors have changed. Banking customers today want and expect to interact with a true “Digital Branch” – one where they can complete transactions and find support and product information across digital channels.

While the banking industry has been focused on transactions, many institutions struggle to provide the same level of support and product information in digital channels as they do in physical branches. Register for this webinar and learn how to translate the physical branch experience into your digital channels.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What a Digital Branch is and why implementing a targeted strategy is no longer a “nice to have”
  • What consumers expect from a Digital Branch, and what behaviors guide and inform an engaging user experience
  • How to go beyond transactions and translate what you know about your physical branches into your digital channels
  • The keys to providing engaging product and support related content across digital channels
  • Best practices for creating a Digital Branch told through real industry examples

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Al Rosenbaum
EVP Customer Success
SilverCloud Inc.

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