Challenges Facing Most Banks and Credit Unions

and how SilverCloud can help…

Surviving Mergers & Conversions

Mergers and Core Conversions are extremely high-risk events for your consumers, your staff and your institution. Everything changes. All of the old processes and procedures are instantly outdated.

Banks and Credit Unions rely on SilverCloud during both mergers and core conversions to ensure seamless transitions for their employees and consumers. Employee Support Center delivers step-by-step procedures and answers to their employees, ensuring speed and accuracy and Digital Support Center delivers step-by-step how to answers to their employees, ensuring adoption and less frustration.

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Mobile Adoption

To remain competitive, banks and credit unions have invested heavily in new mobile and online banking technology. Yet, consumer adoption remains lower than expected. Multiple studies have shown the lack of adoption is due to users not knowing functionality exists or not knowing how to complete a task.

SilverCloud creates hundreds of custom “How To” guides outlining common questions around transfers, account openings, online billing and deploys them across your web, mobile and online banking platforms to improve engagement and adoption.

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Reducing Onboarding Time

Onboarding new employees can be a time consuming and costly process. Averages vary based by role and institution training program, but generally it takes 3 to 6 months to get a new employee fully up to speed. What if you could reduce that time significantly?

SilverCloud’s Employee Support Center gives employees a single portal that is easy to use, easy to follow and always up to date. New employees are able to be productive within weeks vs. months  This allows you to focus your time coaching while maximizing your employee’s productivity.

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Taking the pain out of Compliance

Compliance is tough business. It’s made even harder by all manners of staff challenges and consumer interactions – people are just not generally compliant.

SilverCloud’s Employee Support Center enables consistent policies while ensuring procedures are followed. It provides easy-to-follow procedures, answers & FAQs, inquiry and process management, historical records and auditing, approval workflows, and fast reporting that all ensure what you care most about – accuracy.

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Reducing Call Center Volume

Call centers volumes are increasing, while budgets and resources are remaining flat or declining. What if you could reduce the number of calls to your call center by simply providing better support answers to your consumers?

SilverCloud’s Digital Support Center allows for hundreds of custom support answers that deploy across your web, mobile and online banking platforms. This ensure 24×7 support, accurate and consistent self-service answers. Our client’s typically see a 200% percent increase in search questions and up to a 20% reduction in call center volumes.

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Banks and Credit Unions Face Three Primary Challenges Today

Your consumers demand and expect more. They want to do their banking how they want, where they want, when they want.

To stay competitive and maximize your resources, your bank needs to evolve. But, you don’t have the time, resources, or systems for a complete transformation.

We get it.

And we’re here to help.

  • Banking is increasingly complex
  • Banking is increasingly competitive
  • Banking is increasingly constrained

The SilverCloud Guarantee

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