The Top Challenges Delivering Better Support

and how SilverCloud can help…

Customers Can’t Self-Serve

As more of the banking experience shifts to digital, your customers have higher expectations. Their expectations are set from Netflix, Apple, and Amazon where the ability to self-serve anytime and from any device is becoming more ubiquitous. In order to deliver a better experience and reduce support costs, banks and credit unions need to empower your customers with self-service support content and tools.

Learn how SilverCloud can help you deliver better self-service across your digital channels.

Employees Can’t Find Information

We hear the same thing from bankers over and over again – “my employees can’t easily find information, our procedures are really long and difficult to follow, there are a lot of inconsistencies between departments” and on and on. What impact is this having on your customer experience and service levels?

Learn how SilverCloud can help you with easy to find and follow information.

Policies & Procedures Are Hard to Manage

One of the top challenges with delivering better support is giving your frontline staff the information they need. Content is siloed across systems, across departments, and information is inconsistent. Making one update can require updating multiple documents in multiple places and you have little to no visibility into what is actually being used at any given time.

Learn how SilverCloud can help you fix your knowledge management issues.

“With SilverCloud Customer Self-Service's mobile and web-based solutions, we measured an immediate reduction in the amount of technology related calls (64%) and have seen call center volumes decrease by more than 20%. Read the Success Story
Jason Woods,Vice President, Manager of Interactive Services
Bank of Oak Ridge
“SilverCloud has definitely helped save a lot of time on the front end. Staff no longer have to research multiple platforms, nor call various departments to get the answers they need. This also improves our member experience. The faster the frontline is able to access a resource that will help them assist the member, the faster and smoother than transaction will be for the member. Read the Success Story
Kristin Morrison
Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union
“I’m ecstatic about how it’s working…We send you stuff, and you take care of it and follow our instructions on it. You all are making me look good which I appreciate. Read the Success Story
Rosalyn Hudson, AVP of Member Services
Sharonview Federal Credit Union
“Staff don’t need to be trained on elaborate sales techniques. They just have to know enough about the product to explain it and field questions. That’s where employees get stuck on sales. They’re afraid that if there’s a question they won’t know how to answer it. SilverCloud gives them the confidence they need. View the Success Story
Tami Tenbarge, Director of Sales & Employee Development
Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union