Why SilverCloud

We help banks and credit unions deliver better support

Better support means better customer experiences and reduced operational costs. Plain and simple.

Provide the experiences your consumers demand with the only support solution built exclusively for banking.

Our exclusive focus on banks and credit unions allows us to understand and solve for the specific challenges of the banking industry. That is why we approach delivering support completely different than every other vendor in the market. From our robust platform, knowledge bases, content services and frictionless interfaces, hundreds of banks and credit unions are delivering better support with SilverCloud.

25M+ annual searches on our platform


500K+ support, policies & procedures items maintained


100K+ items structured, optimized & created annually


Why Banks & Credit Unions Chose SilverCloud

The only support solutions built exclusively for banks and credit unions

Lots of vendors offer solutions marketed as one-size fits all support solutions. But only SilverCloud has taken over 10 years to truly understand the unique needs of banks and credit unions. Our solutions allow you to streamline support and product experiences, reduce support costs and complaints, and elevate employee confidence and productivity.

The Easiest Solution to Implement & Maintain

The number one objection we get time and time again is that there is not enough time or resources to dedicate to the implementation. The truth is, no one believes how easy and fast it is to implement SilverCloud. We make it easy for you, because not only do we do the work for you (content development, structuring, optimizing and loading), our Customer Success team guides you through the process at launch and going forward. Lots of vendors claim it, but SilverCloud delivers it every single day.

Guaranteed ROI

Imagine a banking vendor that offers a straightforward contract and is so confident in their solution they let you out of your contract AND guarantee ROI? At SilverCloud, we do just that because we’ve seen our solution work for hundreds of financial institutions. We remove your risk by delivering solutions that help you deliver better support.

What Makes SilverCloud Different
You don't need more technology - you need a solution that delivers a seamless banking experience for your consumers and employees.

A Platform Built for Banking

Banks and Credit Unions have unique needs, processes and compliance requirements. We built our support platform to focus only on banks and credit unions to ensure compliance, accuracy, reviews and approvals. And it works seamlessly across the applications that you are already using.

The People & Insights

We developed the industry-leading best practices for support answers and policies and procedures. Utilizing these, we do the work for you, making your content more searchable & user-friendly. We deliver the fully branded interfaces that layer on seamlessly to the applications your customers and employees already use. Best part – its all part of your annual contract.

The Proven Approach

With over 25,000,000 searches conducted on SilverCloud annually, we are able to provide intelligence to ensure your answers are constantly improving. We also have the right approach to ensure you launch quickly and gain adoption from your customers and employees.

Two Great Products That Deliver The Results You Need
  • 24/7 digital service & support via chatbot, contextual widgets and search
  • Deliver consistent, engaging answers that guide your customers
  • Improve the experience with the insights, tools and integrations needed to deliver better self-service
Deliver Self-Service
  • Procedure Management that makes information easy to find, follow, and manage
  • Empower your staff with answers they will actually use
  • Create a single source of truth across your institution that is easy to manage and maintain
Empower Your Employees

The SilverCloud Satisfaction Guarantee

Launch quickly

We do the heavy lifting

We are so confident in our platform, people and process that we guarantee your satisfaction and remove your risk of getting locked into a long-term contract. Get out after 6 months for Consumer Support or 12 months for Employee Support, no questions asked.