Why SilverCloud

We help banks and credit unions deliver great customer experiences


Provide the experiences your customers demand with the only answer platform built for banking.

Since 2005, our team has been solely focused on financial services: banks, credit unions, insurance providers, and other financial organizations. This dedicated focus allows us to develop solutions that meet the unique needs of financial service organization, its customers, and employees. Our platform combines the knowledge, the intelligence, and the interfaces to instantly deliver the right answer directly to your customers and employees, wherever and whenever.


Surround your customers and employees with access through a variety of interfaces including virtual assistants, voice, and search.


Understand what your customers and employees are asking with our Conversational AI engine and Open APIs.


Answer every question with our robust knowledge base and tools that ensure speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Why Banks & Credit Unions Chose SilverCloud

Deliver great customer experiences

Imagine if every customer interaction was delivered perfectly every time? Our answer platform gives your customers and front-line employees the answers they need, when they need it. You don’t have time for a massive systems overhaul, which is fit into your existing systems, allowing you to break down silos and connect experiences, enabling a consistent customer experience across channels.

Increase employee productivity and efficiency

Your employees — and perhaps even you — are spending nearly half the day answering questions from co-workers that can’t find the right answers. We take all your bank or credit union’s institutional knowledge — including policy, procedure and product information — and re-architect it on one platform so that employees can easily find the answers they need. With SilverCloud, you’ll enable your employees with access to the information they need to do their job effectively and efficiently.

Drive growth

There is no magic bullet to growing your assets. It requires you consistently delivering the right answer at the right time, whether that is digitally or when interacting with your employees. Taking our years of accumulated insights, our conversational banking platform ensures you to deliver the right prompts, at the right time, across all your channels to pull customers and prospects through the buying cycle with ease. Now you can deliver a superior customer experience that builds brand loyalty and enables you to consistently grow your assets.

What Makes SilverCloud Different
You don't need more technology - you need a solution that delivers a seamless banking experience for your consumers and employees.

A Platform Built for Banking

Banks and Credit Unions have unique needs, processes and compliance requirements. We built our answer platform to focus only on banks and credit unions to ensure compliance, accuracy, reviews and approvals. And it works seamlessly across the applications that you are already using.

The People & Insights

We developed the industry-leading best practices for support answers and policies and procedures. Utilizing these, we do the work for you, making your content more searchable & user-friendly. We deliver the fully branded interfaces that layer on seamlessly to the applications your customers and employees already use. Best part – its all part of your annual contract.

The Proven Approach

With over 25,000,000 searches conducted on SilverCloud annually, we are able to provide intelligence to ensure your answers are constantly improving. We also have the right approach to ensure you launch quickly and gain adoption from your customers and employees.

An Answer for Every Question. Wherever and whenever
  • 24/7 digital service & support via virtual assistant, search & smart FAQs
  • Answer the high-volume service & support questions
  • Deploy quickly with a custom knowledgebase we build for you
Help My Customers
  • Empower your employees with consistent, reliable information right at their fingertips
  • Create a single source of truth that your employees will use
  • Deploy quickly with a dedicated team that loads, structures, and optimizes your content
Help My Employees