Why SilverCloud

Enabling you to thrive in the digital world

SilverCloud was founded in 2005 with the mission of helping banks and credit unions create exceptional banking experiences by increasing service quality and staff productivity.

Today, SilverCloud, Inc. helps financial institutions by providing custom support answers that guide your consumers and employees from question to action to improve experience and productivity.

Deliver great consumer experiences, every time, everywhere

Imagine if every consumer interaction was delivered perfectly every time? You invest heavily in technology and data, but little in the support content that guides your consumers and employees on how to use your technology. This causes issues with consumers relying on the call center, or worse yet low adoption and leads to low call center metrics and increase errors as your frontline staff searches for the right answers. With SilverCloud, your consumers and employees are able to quickly find the answers they need.

Grow engagement and revenue, effortlessly

Growing your revenue and deposits doesn’t have to mean more work. Taking our years of accumulated industry insights, we’ve created a solution that helps you grow customer engagement and effectively manage leads coming in through your digital channels, over the phone or in-person at the local branch. Your employees will be empowered with the information they need to turn leads into revenue; and your customers will be empowered to find the information they need to make their next financial decision with confidence. By delivering relevant, helpful answers and calls to action at the right time, across all of your digital channels, you’ll be able to pull consumers through the buying cycle with ease. Now you can deliver a superior customer experience that builds brand loyalty and enables you to effortlessly grow engagement and revenue.

Increase employee productivity, guaranteed

Your employees — and perhaps even you — are spending half the day answering questions from consumers and co-workers that can’t find the right answers. SilverCloud takes all of your bank or credit union’s institutional knowledge and processes and consolidates them on one platform so consumers and employees can find immediate answers to their questions, every time, everywhere. We enable your consumers and employees with digital access to the information they need to deliver the right answers, instantly.

Our Values

As an organization, we are driven by our mission, but it’s our values that drive our team members day-to-day. This ensures that we attract and retain the best talent while empowering our team members to make the right decision day in and day out.

Take care of each other
  • Take care of your teammates, your family, your customers, the weak and poor.
  • This is what gives life purpose.
  • Put others first, always ahead of yourself.
  • Coach / mentor / grow people. Take time with people. Go out of your way.

Demonstrate excellence
  • In everything you do, demonstrate excellence. In your work, family, health, and life.
  • Go the extra mile. If you’re going to do it, do it right.
  • Always be improving your skills, your craft. Learn.
  • Be committed. Work hard. Get stuff done.

Do what you say
  • Mean what you say, and do it.
  • Your word, your integrity, your reputation depends on it. SilverCloud’s reputation depends on it.
  • Be that person that other people just inherently trust.
  • No excuses. Own it.

The SilverCloud Guarantee

Dedicated Go-Live Team

120 Days to ROI

We are so confident in our platform, expertise and process that we guarantee success. SilverCloud will pay for itself, a guaranteed return on investment within 4 months of going live. Period.